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[underground conference 5.25" ('2k1)]

Day 1:

We recently arrived at the partyplace. Scamp made the first Stromausfall and I am waiting for food-support and for a network IP.

Finally Internet works on my PC and Foodsupport has startet. The French Fries taste quite good.
I'm here together with DasTier (not a HeadcrasH-member). StyX has to work and ThUmB is in Hungary, so I'm the only HeadcrasH-member at the UC.

Day 2:

Yesterday there was the opening ceremony with a huge "Tüte". After that there was a demo-show. I slept quite early, because I didn´t feel very well.
This morning I went to Worms City with topy44. We found some strange shops and topy44 bought a book about the Mega-CD for 1 DM (about 0.5 EUR).

This was the live report - I stopped it, because I worked hard on my release 2K-TS. The rest of the report was made some weeks later.

Day 3-End

I decided to release a textmode-intro in the mixed demo/intro-competition. I found out that Turbo Pascal sucks for that, so I switched to asm. I coded a pc-speaker-soundsystem and topy44 made some sound for it.
I called it 2K-TS (2 Kilobyte of Textmode and PC Speaker). You can download it from the files-section.
Deep Blur, who was sitting beside us, was working on a very cool 2-line-LCD-intro.

The compos were quite fun. In the shitmusic-compo, there were two really bad entries, Kleine Nachtmusik/JCO and Dream4Me/Wayfinder.
The Happy Hardcore-compo was really fine, I was impressed of the quality of the entries. I took part in the 180-bpm-Topfschlagen and harddisc-throwing-compo. I bet that their bpm-system was buggy. I was much better than it showed.

Ok, that's enough, sorry, this is not a very long and complete party-report.

UC 5.25 really rocked. Schtrongär!!!