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you love qu**e ? counterstrike is in your autostart folder ? your eye-hand coordination time is below 0.002 ms ? then you are at the exactly wrong place here.
forget anything you read before and click right here.

if you are a true demoscener we are happy you found the way here. right now we're into organizing the next edition of your favourite low-budget party 0a000h. the next event will be held from 27.-29. of february 2004 again in spiegelberg-jux. as always you can expect all important competitions like demo, intro, graphics and music + some cool & special stuff like 256b intro, fast size coding and of course the revolutionary 64b and 32b intro compos! this year we'll even have some more weird compos on stock for your pleasure. alternative platforms are welcome as well. as every time we have free coffee, cheap food support, friendly organizers and true demoscene athmosphere, ensured by the ALDT (Advanced Lamer Defending Technology).
What ? Gamers, still here ? Do not even believe a second you'll be able to infiltrate our party. We WILL track you down.

all sceners may now click here.